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Around the Web: A Reading Log, Writer Work-Life Balance, Drafts and Words

It is Friday once more, and there is snow outside my window. What better time to curl up with some hot chocolate and some good reading?

This week, I am sharing a reading log, a look at writer work/life balance, a way to look at the problems in your drafts, and an examination of the words we love.

What have you been reading this week?

Book Riot’s 2020 Reading Log


Work/Life Balance

Teddybear window

A.H. Reaume returns to Open Book once again (check out her other pieces too) to talk about what work/life balance looks like for writers. She addresses the challenges writers face and proposes some ways the industry can help.

What Your Drafts Say About You


Helen Betya Rubinstein has shared an interesting perspective on writing over at Lit Hub. She explores what the problems in your drafts might suggest about you. Keep repeating the same things? Maybe you are insecure about what it is you are saying. You are using lots of parentheses? Maybe there is another voice trying to come out. Luckily, this piece also contains some suggestions for moving past these problems.

Words We Love


Lastly, I leave you with a blog from linguist and editor James Harbeck, who (after a string of 'unpopular opinion' tweets made their way across Twitter) asked people about words they 'love irrationally much'. In this Editors Canada post, he shares some commonalities from the responses.

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