Around the Web: Marketing Books, the Connection Between Trauma and Art, the Demand for Diversity, and the Writing Life

10 May 2019

Welcome, dear readers, to Around the Web, your weekly roundup of book, publishing, and literary posts from across the corners of the internet.

This week, I’m sharing some publishing advice, a poignant look at trauma in art, a new report from BookNet Canada, and an author interview.


Getting Your Book Read


Let’s start with some marketing tips! Writing is a business, and whether you’re self-publishing or going the traditional route it’s helpful to have ideas about how to get your book read. The Harvard Business Review has some tips for driving readership.


Trauma Clown


If you haven’t read anything by Vivek Shraya, you are missing out. Her recent Now Magazine article discusses the relationship between trauma and art and how marginalized writers are pressured to repeatedly put their trauma on display. It’s an important cultural commentary, especially in regards to increasing diversity in publishing.



Demand for Diversity


Speaking of diversity, BookNet Canada has released a report with the results of a reader survey conducted late last year. This report reveals that three out of five readers seek out books about diverse experiences or by underrepresented writers. Many marginalized writers would probably tell you there’s been a demand for diverse books for ages, but it’s always nice to get confirmation. The report also talks about how people are finding books, so check it out if you’re interested in reading and book buying trends.


Writing for Love or Money


Jen Sookfong Lee was recently interviewed by CBC. The British Columbian novelist discusses writing as a passion and as a job, financial matters, parenting, and teaching. It’s a good look at writing life for those of you wondering how to balance creativity with the rest of life.



I hope you find something of interest here and that you enjoy the weekend. See you next week!

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