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Around the Web: Excel, Twitter, the Bookish Identity, and TWUC Resources

Hello all! The week has gone by in a blur, but I snuck in some time to peruse the corners of the internet for some interesting and helpful links to share with you.

Excel for Authors

First up, I’ve got a Twitter thread that I thought might be interesting to you plotters out there. Author Amy Spalding shared how she uses Microsoft Excel to write and revise novels. While spreadsheets may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of writing, Spalding shows that they can be pretty useful. Maybe they’re worth giving a try.

Twitter and the Writing Life

Speaking of Twitter, A.H. Reaume’s latest column for Open Book discusses how the social media platform has improved her life. Writers are often told they should be on Twitter for marketing purposes, but as Reaume shows, there’s so much more value in social media than that.

A man scrolls through Twitter

The Bookish Identity

Remember how people freaked out when Marie Kondo suggested you don’t need to keep all your books? Well, Hannah McGregor examined the reaction, looking at the origins and progression of “bookishness” as an identity. While many of us at CDP have been known to be bookish, and we certainly don’t condemn those who enjoy keeping books and bookish accessories, this essay offers an interesting perspective that may remind you to stay grounded.

Writer Resources

Finally, I’ve got some writer resources to leave you with. The Writers Union of Canada has added two new publications to help writers out: Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Taxes and The Last Chapter: Estate and Legacy Planning for Writers. I’m in the middle of doing my taxes, so I can understand how helpful these are.

Overhead view of a woman writing in a notebook in front of an open laptop.

That's it from me, folks. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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