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Around the Web: Anne of Green Gables, Post-Apocalypse Plots, Literary Mysteries, and a Reading Chall

Hello again dear readers and happy Friday. This week we have another quiz and some more interesting articles for you to check out. Enjoy!

Which Anne of Green Gables Character Are You?

Last week, we shared a quiz to find out what Little Women character you were. This week, we’ve got another character quiz for you. This one based on the famous Canadian classic, Anne of Green Gables.

Cover of Anne of Green Gables 1908

Speaking of Anne…

New Anne of Green Gables Musical

Yup, Anne may have already found her way to multiple screens and stages, but she’s not about to stop. CBC shared that there’s a new Anne of Green Gables Musical by two New York City Playwrights in the works. Anne of Green Gables: A New Folk Rock Musical will be at Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival in Auburn New York in July.

Post-Apocalypse Novel Generator

Are you a fan of post-apocalypse stories? If yes, then here’s another fun activity for you. Check out Electric Literature's Post-Apocalypse Novel Generator. Follow the instructions and you’ll soon have your very own post-apocalypse plot. Share yours in the comments if you think it’s a winner.

Interior of a decrepit abandoned building with light shining through the window

Unsolved Literary Mysteries

Truth is stranger than fiction they say, and that definitely seems to be the case when it comes to these five unsolved real-life literary mysteries shared by Bustle.

30 Books in 30 Days

If you’re up for a slightly longer read, check out this article from Fast Company in which writer Stephanie Vozza discusses her attempt to read thirty books in a month. It’s a great look into reading habits and it might give you some tips for reading more.

A person sits behind a stack of books, face hidden

That's it for this one. Enjoy your weekend!

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