Dear Earthling: Cosmic Competitor --

by Pen Avey

Second book in the ‘Dear Earthling’ series.

Dear Earthling,


The whole of planet Crank has gone competition mad!


Talent show The Why?Factor is holding auditions soon, and me and my robot bestie Andi Social plan to form a band and try out for it – even though their head robot judge, Diamond Scowl, terrifies me! 


Great Aunt Grumbeloid is obsessed with Knit Off! – a contest where competitors create unusual woolly items to impress a panel of judges. She’s sure her knitted cutlery will wow them (I’m not convinced, as I tried her soup spoon and it dripped scalding broth all over my lap). 


But the best competition is Let’s Compete which is open to all ages and abilities from everywhere in the galaxy. I’m keen on entering the ‘Getting the last word in an argument’ category, and Andi is interested in the ‘Nobbly Knee Joints’ contest. The finals will be held on Planet Participation, so if we get through, we’ll be blasting off into space once more.




Do you have any similar contests on Earth?

Write back and let me know.


Your friend,


Dethbert Jones.

About the Author

Pen Avey writes and illustrates for children from her home in Norfolk, UK. She is quite a nosy person but uses the cover story 'RESEARCH' to hide this fact. When not being unduly curious about the affairs of others, Pen enjoys hanging out with her family and playing with her pet cats, Crumble and Mortimer.

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