Books That Predicted the Future

Books are a great way to reimagine aspects of daily life, but when it comes to science fiction, literature often goes past the present, extrapolating on current trends, troubles, and technologies to imagine the future. And sometimes these predictions actually come true. Recently, we found out that Chengdu, China, is planning to launch an artificial moon, just like the Ooolandian’s plan to do in Patricia J. Anderson’s Threshold, which was written back in 2016. This got us thinking, what other books have predicted the future? Feed (2002), M.T. Anderson In this young adult dystopian novel, people have chips in their brains that give them access to the “feed”—a digital network where people can i

Around the Web: Anne of Green Gables, Hemingway's Cats, Mid-Career Querying, and British Express

And here we are at the end of the week again. Welcome back to Around the Web, folks. If you’re looking for some quick weekend reading, it’s all right here. Read on for some bookish facts, publishing advice, and a fun language quiz. Anne of Green Gables Facts How much do you know about Canada’s best-known literary heroine? Up your Canadian lit cred by checking out the Children’s Book Centre’s new post on Anne of Green Gables and L.M. Montgomery. Mid-Career Querying The internet is awash with advice for new authors, and the publishing industry also puts a lot of emphasis on debut authors, so it’s nice to come across posts for those in the middle of their careers. YA and NA author Dahlia Adler

Dear Earthling Series

Pen Avey, a UK-based author and illustrator has just released a cover for her second book of the captivating Dear Earthling series, Dear Ear

Around the Web: Writing Women, Fiction and Magic, Children's Books, and Book Posters

Hello all, and welcome back to Around the Web, our weekly round up of bookish content from across the internet. This week, we’ve got lots of writing advice, plus a few other things you might find interesting. Read on and then let us know what fun stuff you’ve come across this week! Writing Women Does your work in progress have women characters? You may want to check out Jessica Marie Baumgartner’s LitReactor column. In it, she discusses where (male) writers have gone wrong before and provides a few questions for you to ask yourself to create realistic and dynamic female characters. Fiction and Stage Magic Stage magic may not be the first thing you think of when you think about story-telling,

The Ultimate Summer Reading List for Young Readers!

While the weather in Ontario has just started to match the calendar, we cannot believe Summer is here! To celebrate its arrival, we’ve put together our Ultimate Summer Reading List. Even if the sun is shining, young readers can always squeeze in some more time for a good book. Happy reading! We're Not from Here by Geoff Rodkey Ages: 8-12 Since Mars and Earth are no longer liveable options, Lan and his family must move to the planet Choom where the Zhuri, which look like giant mosquitos, live. They want nothing more than to fit in. But when anti-human government propaganda starts surfacing, Lan will need to find a way to change the Zhuris' mind, quickly. Fairy Mom and Me by Sophie Kinsella A

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