Around the Web: Finding a Publisher, Day Jobs, Burnout, and "A Novel"

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe how fast this February is going. One of the things I’m trying to do this year is take my writing more seriously. But with other projects taking priority, it’s been a bit tough. So this week, I have a couple links that’ll hopefully be helpful or reassuring to fellow writers. (Don’t worry non-writers, there’s still stuff you might like!) How to Find a Publisher CBC is doing a series called Publishing 101 that might be of interest to anyone thinking about pursuing traditional publishing. One of the latest is on finding a publisher for your book and it contains specific tips and feedback from Leigh Nash, the publisher at Invisible Books. Day Jobs Many famo

Around the Web: More on Dan Mallory, a Teacher on Reading, Portmanteaus, and How to Write a Book Rev

Welcome back to Around the Web, friends! I’m writing this from my home office where, thanks to my landlord’s snow blower, I’ve managed to avoid being completely snowed in. Still, there’s tons of snow on roads, and the sidewalks, and just about everywhere else, so I’m planning on an indoor weekend. If you’re not a snow person, I’ve got a couple of links to help you pass the time. This week, I’ve got another take on Dan Mallory, an educator on teaching reading, a language post, and steps for writing a book review. More on Dan Mallory Last week I shared the now infamous New Yorker piece on Dan Mallory, a.k.a. A.J. Finn, author of The Woman in the Window. The piece has sparked a lot of conversat

Around the Web: Dan Mallory, Thesaurus Facts, a Rare Discovery, and Valentine's Comics

Hello friends! It’s me again, back to share some links from around the web. This week I’ve got a wild tale of publishing, some thesaurus trivia, a discover, and some comic recommendations. Dan Mallory’s Career of Lies The New Yorker published an exposé on one of the top selling authors of last year, Dan Mallory. Not familiar with that name? Well maybe you’ve seen the name A.J. Finn on the cover of The Woman in the Window. As it turns out, his career has just as many twists as the genre he writes in. And these twists include some pretty big lies. Thesaurus Facts Ah, the thesaurus… It’s one of the best tools when you’re looking for new or different words to fit your writing needs. Mental Floss

Around the Web: A Reading Study, the Locus List, the Indie Writers' Deathmatch, and an Instagram

Happy Friday and happy first day of February, friends. It’s been a busy week for the CDP team as we got ready for two of our authors, David Cole and Kat Hawthorne, to attend the OLA Super Conference. If you were also busy closing out the month, I hope you get some time to relax this weekend. To that end, I’ve got your weekly dose of bookish links. This week I’m sharing a new study on reading, the Locus reading list, a short story competition, and a social media activity to take part in this month. Enjoy! Reading and Empathy Studies have shown a connection between reading and empathy before, but that connection has been debated. Now a new meta-analysis has reviewed previews studies and confir

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