So You Wanna Be a Writer — Part 3 By Adam Rocke

Still with me? Fantastic! Thank you for your continued interest in my ramblings. So without further adieu, let’s get to it. In the previous installment, I teased an upcoming discussion about agents and managers, and the benefit (or in some cases, the necessity) of having proper literary representatives in your corner. However, CDP’s “new blood,” Kirsten Marion, the true catalyst for this blog, dutifully reminded me that while agents and managers can be incredible assets for “professional” writers, the material itself should always take center stage. Of course she’s right. You’ll have to forgive me. I’ve been playing the literary game so long, I often forget my start in the realm of “writing

So You Wanna Be a Writer — Part 2 By Adam Rocke

Welcome back! Assuming my grey matter hasn’t turned to mush, I recall leaving off with your decision to take on the literary world—or literally take on the world, which is pretty much the same thing since the entirety of your living expenses will now hinge on people paying you for your creativity. First, let me say: Good for you! That’s a courageous undertaking and I applaud your moxy. Now let’s ditch the kudos and get to work. The first question you need to answer: What are you gonna write? That question’s more potently loaded than a sawed-off 10 gauge! There are plenty of markets to choose from—greeting cards, articles (print and digital), website content, advertising/marketing copy, books

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