Add A.T. Balsara's name to the tortured artist list

I am not a natural artist. At least not one of these da Vinci types who have art flow through them like water—effortlessly, beautifully, bountifully. Nope. That’s not me. I’m more the tortured artist type: re-hashing, erasing, scrunching up horrible attempts and playing basketball with the garbage (recycling) can, second-guessing, gnashing my teeth, hand-wringing... The undo button is my very favorite button on my computer. Years before my new young adult novel, The Great & the Small, was accepted, I had done an image that I thought didn’t work. I shelved it. When Ellie Sipila of Common Deer Press accepted the book (YAY, Ellie!!) she asked if I had any illustrations yet. I sent her everythin

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