Unwrap the Brain of Jesse Miller

It's here! It's here! Jesse Miller's UNWRAP YOUR CANDY officially releases today and is NOW available for your reading enjoyment. In honour of the release of UNWRAP YOUR CANDY, we are going to unwrap the brain of Jesse Miller. *WARNING* This interview contains some occasional salty language. Writers. You just can't control them... If you're easily offended (or under a certain age), imagine a field of daisies with kittens frolicking through it rather than reading any further. Consider yourself warned. Where did the idea for Unwrap Your Candy come from? The germ of UYC came from an article I read many, many years ago in one of those douchebag men’s Maxim-y magazines. I was sitting there in t

We're Baaaack...

So, did you have a great summer? Did you lose that 20 lbs you were hoping to lose? Did you sleep in late every day, read more books, learn to speak Mooseneese like you'd wanted so you could better communicate to the other forest locals? Yeah. We didn't either. We did, however, get all of our 2017 books made and ready to go. We closed to submissions in June because we just knew that we wouldn't be able to focus on your marvellous manuscripts while working hard on the awesomeness that we already have signed. And we're thankful for your patience. But now, we're ready again. Our fall 2017 releases look amazing (if we do say so ourselves), and we're looking forward to a kickin' 2018 list. Let's d

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