What Happens When... we like a submission

I know; it's been a while! What with the release of MOM by Collin Piprell at the beginning of April, the signing of ARK by Jesse Miller, and, well, editing, designing, and producing our already signed CDP books (wait until you see A. T. Balsara's super dark The Great and the Small... OMG!!!), the herd headquarters have been quite abuzz and we've neglected our blog. D'OH!! Let's rectify that with our next What Happens When entry, this time the WE LOVE IT!!! edition. So you read in our previous WHW about what we do when we receive a submission. The hard and dirty truth is that many submissions just aren't for us. We can usually tell this right away; sometimes the subject matter isn't our cup o

You're ALL Winners to Us...(just some more than others)

We may have eaten a little too much meadow grass cake. The candle would have been easy to blow out if we deer were capable of moving our lips in that whistle-like way. Instead... well, you don't want to know what happened. It was messy. At the end of our birthday party, we had a draw! You know how we said we were going to give stuff away? It's happening! Right now! Winners, people! We have winners here! Entrants came from both Facebook and Twitter. All will be contacted within the next day or so to find out how to get their prize. So let's do some announcing! Here's how it shook down: Winner of the Query Letter Critique is MATT DOYLE!!! Winner of the Skip the Slush Golden Ticket is ELIZABETH

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