Party on, Wayne...

Human behaviour is strange. It's rude, for example, to sniff another human's butt. It's rude for one human to whack another with their horns. It's rude for a human to poop while he's eating. It's also rude to ask a human how old she is. I know! Crazy, right? Humans are weird. We deer are a bit different. In fact, we want the world to know that ON MAY FIRST, 2017, CDP OFFICIALLY TURNS ONE YEAR OLD!!!!! And we freaking want to party. We're finally old enough. Above, you may see mention of stuff we are going to do to celebrate (if you don't see it, you should probably get your glasses adjusted). We're going to give stuff away! That's right, e-books, print books, QUERY CRITIQUES, and one SKIP TH

KINDLE version of MOM

ATTENTION ONE AND ALL: It has been brought to my attention that there are some issues with the AMAZON KINDLE version of MOM by Collin Piprell. I'm not sure why this is happening, but apparently something unsavoury occurred when our distribution company converted the fully validated ePub file I provided to the type needed for Kindle (Kindle requires a file type called "mobi" that works on Kindle ONLY. Every other digital reading platform will read ePubs). ****IF YOU'VE ORDERED THE KINDLE VERSION OF MOM BY COLLIN PIPRELL ON AMAZON AND ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH IT, PLEASE CONTACT US AND WE WILL RECTIFY THE SITUATION IMMEDIATELY!!**** I have a ticket in with our distributor to get the issue correc

MOM Lives!!!

You know, no big deal. It's just another average Wednesday. The weather is fine, spring buds are tasty, Bambi has fleas again... oh, and TODAY IS MOM'S RELEASE DAY!!! For the next three days, Collin and MOM will be making 28 stops at various blogs and things. Some will just be spotlights, but there are also some interviews (always thought provoking when it comes to Collin), and some are reviews. If you're looking for something to do to procrastinate at work, you should read them! We will also be keeping the pre-sale sale price in effect for the duration of the tour, which ends on Friday, April 7th. On April 8th, the price will be bumped to it's fleshy $4.99 as MOM settles into her sea legs.

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