A Book by Its Cover

Have you ever bought a book you didn't mean to buy because you liked its cover? Likewise, have you ever put a book down because, even though you liked the story premise, you just really didn't dig the cover? Here's the thing about book covers: they are a book's greatest or worst marketing tool. And that means a whole lot of thought goes into them. I thought it might be fun to take you through some of the cover iterations we made for MOM before deciding on the cover you see on the book (or you will see when the book releases in a mere 13 days!!!). This was not an easy process, folks. First of all, this book is the first in a series, which means we wanted to come up with something that we coul

Interview with Collin Piprell (part 2)

I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the second part of our interview with CDP's Collin Piprell, author of MOM, which releases on April 5th. ( is actually available for a super secret sale on our website so check it out!) Without further ado... 5) Do you have any author inspirations? Among science fiction writers, I especially admire Cormac McCarthy. Although he isn’t really a science-fiction writer as such, I side with those who describe The Road as a minor masterpiece. I have great respect for Neal Stephenson, and I’ve much enjoyed some of China Meiville’s novels, especially Embassytown. As a teenager I went through a couple of years of reading a lot o

Interview with Author Collin Piprell (part 1)

You guys, you may have noticed there's something secret happening around the CDP headquarters. No? You haven't? Well there is. Trust me. Let me explain---no, is too long, let me sum up (<-- yes, that's a quote from a movie. I simply can't help it). Yesterday was March 5th, 2017, which means that in only one month, MOM, the first book in Collin Piprell's AMAZING science-fiction series, drops on the unsuspecting world. That's not a secret. But what IS a secret is that you can buy it NOW, here, on the CDP website (and only here), a whole month early. Also, it's marked at a reduced price. Yes, you read that correctly. That's how excited we are about sharing it with you. To celebrate, the perpetu

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